Website Design Services

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Website Design Services
Yes....There are many who claim to design and build websites but…there is a difference amongst us. 

A big difference!  

A difference that means having “just a website” compared to having a marvelous website!
Here is how we differentiate ourselves and make the critical differences for our clients. 
 Would you enjoy having...
  • A website that will proudly exemplify your business.  
  • A website design that is readily accepted by search engines creating a higher placement in the Internet.
  • A website that functions correctly and consistently – we accept nothing less.                                                              
  • A website that has been meticulously thought through with critical details including;                                                                                    
    • easy to use with understandable navigation for your customers
    • responsive mobile device capabilities
    • social media enhancements
    • a website designed to benefit search engine optimization
    • superb use of color, photos and graphic design 
    • stimulating copy writing that captures and retains your readership
    • guidance and consultation services based on YOUR needs 
    • affective results that can be tracked and measured
    • a business and staff who is dependable and provide timely service when you want and need us
    • And best of all…we are surprisingly affordable and made in the USA!   
Our highly personalized service includes over twenty-five years of experience in the fields of marketing, advertising, media buying, the print industry and … website design!  Few others have this vast wealth of experience which assures you, our highly valued client, get all you deserve and more! 
Whether you are in need of a new or rebuild website or web hosting…please email us today at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call.
We make the difference for your business that matters!    
Davenport and Company Services LLC
1751 CR308
Bellevue, Ohio 44811
Office:  419-602-1009
Fax: 888-692-6083

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